ToteScan® Labels

ToteScan® labels are the heart of the ToteScan® system. You place ToteScan® labels onto your totes, containers or boxes and easily itemize their contents using the ToteScan® app.

Additional ToteScan® labels can be purchased as an in-app purchase within the app, and downloaded/printed by you. As an option, we offer a retail package of 5 sheets (9 labels per sheet) pre-printed ready to peel and stick ToteScan® labels.

Sample ToteScan® Label

This is an example of a large 2.5"x3" ToteScan® label. Each label is based on the common QR barcode format, and is uniquely tied to your account and a specific tote or container to which you've attached it. The ToteScan® label can be quickly scanned using the ToteScan® app. Alternatively, a unique alpha-numeric code exists on each label so you can visually identify the tote with your eyes.

ToteScan® Retail Label Pack (peel & stick)

The larger 2.5"x3" label size is ideal for use on larger totes/boxes/containers.

ToteScan® Retail Label Pack (peel & stick)

The smaller 1.5"x1.5" label size is ideal for smaller totes/containers/boxes.